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下列文件在DOS中可直接执行的文件是( ).


Cullen opened the world's first real supermarket in 1930.

uWords / expressions for describing negative feelings in an emergency:

A professor said a flamingo's skeleton stops it from standing on one leg.

用高级语言和机器语言编写具有相同功能的程序时,下列说法中错误的是____________ 。

electric field

Hotel technicians work in the maintenance department of a hotel.

A system of managed floating exchange rates is____.

A taximeter is a mechanical or electronic device installed in taxicabs that calculates passenger fares based on a combination of distance travelled and waiting time.

How many times had the East India Gotheborg travelled to China in the 18th century?

____ to and from the airport is included in the price.


Which part is the nucleus of the sentence below?* Do you speak French and English?

James’ flight was due to leave .

The workers are repairing the house。It was by a fallen tree during the last storm。

放映幻灯片有很多种方法,在缺省状态下,以下( )可以不从第一张幻灯片开始放映。

下列各项必须有经济合同的结算方式是( )

You should read more books to enlarge (扩大) your _____ .


3.What does Sugars suggest borrowers do when they can't return the money on time?

What particular job does R&D do which Production does not?


Nobody ever has any ________ to hurt your feeling.

What does the author say about the shrinking spending of international tourists in the U.S.?

Others viewed the findings with ____, noting that a cause-and-effect relationship between passive smoking and cancer remains to be shown.

党的十九大报告指出,加强人民当家作主制度保障。( )是坚持党的领导、人民当家作主、依法治国有机统一的根本政治制度安排。

阅读下面代码:Person 类:public class Person {private String name;public String getName() {return name;}public void setName(String name) {this.name = name;}}Servlet1:request.getSession().setAttribute(\name\,\zhangsan\);Person p = new Person();p.setName(\lisi\);request.getSession().setAttribute(\person\,p);Servlet2:String name1 = (String)request.getSession().getAttribute(\name\);Person p = (Person)request.getSession().getAttribute(\person\);response.getWriter().write(name1);if(p!=null)response.getWriter().write(p.getName());浏览器先访问Servlet1,再去访问Servlet2,输出的结果是:()

最先进的; 最新水平的

We must learn to protect ______ while playing sports.

请翻译lawyer ( )


New Item two新闻听力2.mp3:/js/editor20150812/dialogs/attachment_new/fileTypeImages/icon_mp3.gif

James was very pleased, if he hadn’t spoken to the salesgirl beforehand, he might have spent more money than he could really have afforded,____?


“一打少年听雨,红烛昏沉;二打中年听雨,客舟中,江阔云低;三打白头听雨在僧庐下,”化用的是 的 这首词。

We ............... very interested in it.

Activity in money markets increased significantly in the late 1970s and early 1980s because of _________

Charles Dickens was a great writer and social critic in the ___________ .

The ballads of Robin Hood gained great popularity in the second half of the ___ century.

“轻轻重重轻轻,夹着一股股的细流沿瓦槽与屋檐潺潺泻下,各种敲击音与滑音密织成网,谁的千指百指在按摩耳轮。”一句运用了 修辞手法。

The intonation function to enable the speaker to express emotions and attitudes is known as ___________.

某轮顶流航行,船速 15 节,流速 2 节,2 小时后相对计程仪读数差为 28.0′,计程 仪改正率-10%,则该轮对水航程为_______

60. What is the author's view on daycare service?

She is _____ newcomer to ____ chemistry but she has already made some important discoveries. ( )




VBA语句\Dim NewArray(10) as Integer\的含义是______。





有如下程序: #include using namespace std; class Base{ protected: Base(){cout<


The mayor didn't realize the of people's feelings on the housing issue.

48.The notice ________ “No smoking.”

竞争性抑制剂使酶促反应的Km ,Vm ;非竞争性抑制剂使酶促反应的Km ,Vm 。


职业生涯规划包括了以下哪几个步骤? (多选)



《技术标准》规定各级公路最大容许合成坡度的目的是( )。


2. How does the Internet shopping affect the conventional shopping center hours and habits throughout the world?

5. 产品的生命周期一般可分为四个阶段,它们分别是:____、成长期、____、和____、。

The power station keeps the villages ______ with electricity.

酒店企业以获取最大利润为目标的适用条件是( )


对稀疏矩阵进行压缩存储是为了节省存储空间。 ( )

正确表达A斜视图和B局部视图的是( )

二阶段法将经济周期分为( )两个阶段。

“To enlighten is to give knowledge, and to free from ignorance, misunderstanding, or false beliefs.” This is a good definition.

Mybestfriend,________,canspeakEnglishand Spanish.

Instructors all seem to agree that a class size of 12 with five students per control are numbers that should not be exceeded.

---Nice to see you. I ________ you for a long time. ---I ________ in Beijing. I've just come back.


A recent market survey reveals that such articles are no longer __________.

16. One day when I _______ the post office , I _____ my uncle .

要全面落实土壤污染防治行动计划,突出重点区域、行业和污染物,强化土壤污染( ),有效防范风险,让老百姓吃得放心、住得安心。

在BASE中定义的目标框架可以被给出的什么属性所覆盖?( )

2.According to the article, what is probably true about Bill Gates?

I don't know if you've heard________, but there's a going around the office that Mr. Smith is leaving at the end of the month

The revocation can be communicated to the offeree at any times and need be made by the offeror.

Investment banks recommend what shall be the initial offering price of corporate stocks. True or false?


如果要查询“郝方”借阅了几册书可以使用如下SQL语句SELECT COUNT(*) FROM 读者, 借阅WHERE 姓名=\郝方\ _______借阅.借书证号= 读者.借书证号


法律权利和法律义务之间的关系可以概括为三个方面的关系。第一是结构上的相关关系;第二是( );第三是功能上的互补关系。

What is the problem that this passage talks about?

Prices determine how resources areto be used They are also the means by which products and services that are inlimited supply are rationed among buyers. The price system of the United Statesis a complex network composed of the prices of all the products bought and soldin the economy as well as those of a myriad of services, including labor,professional, transportation, and public-utility services. The inter relationships of all these prices make up the “system” of prices. The price of any particular product or service is linked to a broad, complicated system of prices in which everything seems to depend more or less upon everything else.

有以下程序,程序运行时输入1,2,3,则输出结果是()(注:代表输入一个回车键) #include\stdio.h\ main() { int a,b,c; scanf(\%d%d%d\,&a,&b,&c); printf(\a+b+c=%d\\n\,a+b+c);}


反转录酶是催化以 为模板,合成 的一类酶,其产物是 。

No agreement was reached in the discussion as neither side would give way to _____.

what does reversible computing promise?

Janet says that she _____.

Which of the following statements is NOT correct in describing Car Buyer magazine?

What kind of service will a tour guide will usually not make?


任务3: 二进制、八进制、十六进制数转换为十进制数【题目1】(1001.001)2=( )10(624.5)8=( )10(31C.6)16=( )10


Between the buildings( ) a primary school.


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